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Bio Energy

If you have ever been near a campfire or fireplace, you have observed Biomass's energy through wood burning. "Biomass" is any organic matter — trees, plants, animal waste, food waste. When the Biomass burns or decomposes, energy is released. Since plants and food will continue to grow, and there is no shortage of animal waste produced, Biomass is a renewable and sustainable source of energy.

How does biomass energy work? Biomass-based on plants, such as scraps of wood, sawdust, and excess crops are burned to heat water and produce steam. Animal-based waste from cows or other farm animals is collected with bacteria in a large tank or pond.

As it decomposes, methane is released and burned to heat water, producing steam. In both cases, the steam spins a turbine to drive a generator, which creates electricity and is conveyed to transmission lines.We provide

  • compressed biogas plants
  • Ballon type biogas plants
  • Portable biogas plant