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Hydro Energy

With about 71% of the Earth's surface covered by water, it's no wonder that H2O has generally been the world's most popular renewable energy source. Hydroelectricity—also known as "hydroelectric power," or "hydropower" for short—is generated by the power of moving water in oceans and rivers. To create hydroelectric power, a dam blocks water from flowing naturally. Instead, it is directed first through a pipe to a turbine, then back out on the other side of the dam. The force of the water spins the turbines, rotating a generator that produces electricity.

Hydropower generation is about 90% efficient compared to fossil fuel plants, which typically have an efficiency of about 60%. Thanks to a large part of this efficiency, hydropower is one of the least expensive renewable energy sources.We provide

  • Mini and micro-scale hydropower plants for urban and villages
  • The atmospheric water generation system